Hortus Botanicus vow renewal – Yavonne and David

Hortus Botanicus vow renewal

Yavonne and David decided to celebrate their vow renewal in Amsterdam. Yavonne had such a beautiful and clear-cut vision of how, where, and when this would happen, that all I had to do was show up and take some gorgeous photos.

It also helped that the three of us all share a deep love for Amsterdam, which was a very important element in the photos as well. It basically came down to: make us look good in the most beautiful city on earth. Done and done!

To make it a bit more official, Yavonne called in one of my absolute FAVORITE wedding officiants Daphne van den Boogaard to guide the ceremony. Daphne always manages to deliver a heartfelt and beautiful message, and it made the moment feel even more intimate and special. Even though there were a few bystanders looking on.

Also, HAVE YOU SEEN YAVONNE’S DRESS? Could everyone just get married in a green dress from now on? Kthanks

Here’s what Yavonne and David had to say about the photos: “Nadine, Thank you very much for the beautiful photos and the video. They are amazing. It was a pleasure working with you and thank you for being a part of our very magical day. Yavonne”  

Words to warm my cold, dead heart.

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