Terms and Conditions

Please note: This is a shortened and translated version of my Terms and Conditions. If anything is unclear, or you would like to know more details, please contact me, I’m happy to help! For the full Dutch version, please click here

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OFFER 1. Photographer will present the client an offer via a quote or price list

  1. Acceptance of the quote must be done in written form, or via payment
  2. Unless otherwise agreed, the offer will expire in 14 days after photographer has made the offer
  3. Offers and quotes are subject to changes due to (unforseen or otherwise) change in the workload or equipment. The photographer will inform the client of these changes as soon as possible.



  1. The Photographer will do their best to perform the commission to their own insight and abilities, in keeping with own photographic style, and according to the requirements of professional photography guidelines.
  2. Group photos or other specifically requested photos, can only be produced by the photographer when the circumstances allow for it, and there is sufficient time. The photographer can not guarantee that every requested photo will be delivered.
  3. If the photography commission consists of 6 consecutive hours or longer, the client must ensure that the photographer has a break of 20 minutes and provide a meal, or food during the commission.
  4. The photographer will deliver the images in her own photography style, by editing the images for optimal quality. The photographer will deliver a selection of images to her own insight, to which the client has no influence.
  5. If the photographer is unable to perform the commission, due to injury or unforeseen circumstances, she will, as much as reasonably possible, ensure that another photographer will take her place to complete the commission.



  1. The photographer, unless otherwise agreed upon, handles only estimated delivery times
  2. The photographer will deliver the images in her own style. Images will be edited according to light, color and contrast. The photographer will not do any excessive or extreme editing on the photos, and will only touch-up or remove bothersome details if she deems it necessary.
  1. All the images will be delievered in color. A selection will also be delivered in black and white. The photographer explicitly does not deliver unedited or RAW images.
  2. The images will be delievered 8 weeks after a wedding, or 5 weeks after a photo sesison.



  1. The photographer can only do re-selecting and editing of uneditied images for a fee of €299,- per selection.
  2. Extra editing of photos, upon request of the client, can only be done for an extra fee of €25,- per edit, per photo.
  3. Taxes and VAT are included in all the aforementioned prices and fees.



3. A cancellation of the commission can only be down in written form.

4. If the commission is cancelled, the photographer will charge the amount of the deposit. If no deposit has been paid, the photographer will charge 50% of the commission price, as compensation for lost expenses and time invested.



  1. The photographer maintains the right to use the images for promotional and publication purposes, which includes her website, blog, social media and prints.
  2. The client receives a non-exclusive license for an unlimited time to duplicate and publish the images on social media and personal websites, provided that they disclose a link to the website of the photographer and the photo is published as it was delivered by the photographer..



  1. The photographer maintains the right to use the images for promotional and publication purposes, which includes her website, blog, social media and prints.
  2. The photographer will not sell the images to third parties, unless otherwise agreed upon in written form.



  1. The photographer is not responsible for any damage occurring during the commission to the client, unless there is proof of gross and intentional mismanagement or debt to the client.
  2. The photographer is not liable for color deviations in color on non-calibrated computer or smartphone screens, or prints that have not been delivered by the photographer.
  3. The photographer will keep the delivered images for a maximum period of 6 months. The photographer is not liable for missing images once the final gallery selection has been delivered.
  4. The liability will not exceed the invoice amount.

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