Aloha Beach Club wedding – Fleur and Hendrik

Aloha Beach Club wedding

It was a dark and rainy morning in February 2019 when I pulled up at the Hotel de Klughte in Wijk aan Zee. Some say Wijk aan Zee is the Belgian equivalent of the Dutch coast. Some say it’s just plain ugly. I agree with both.

You see, Wijk aan Zee’s skyline is dominated by a huge Tata Steel factory…even better, it’s just opposite the beach! When I first saw it I immediately got Zombie Apocalyspe vibes, and I gripped my End Of Days Spatula even tighter…just in case. Also yes I carry around an End Of Days Spatula, mind your own business.

Despite the overwhelming aura of industry hanging over the seaside town, I also really liked it! Hendrik and Fleur thought so too, and wanted to incorporate some if the rawness and apocalypsy vibes into the photos.

So the day started at the Hotel, where Fleur got ready and Hendrik came to pick her up. Their first look was on the staircase, surrounded by friends and family. The three of us then headed for a big park closeby the beach for an hour long portrait session, and then headed to Aloha Beach Club for the ceremony.

The thing I love most about my wedding couples is that the official part of the day is never really that “official”. Yes they do the vows and yes they solemnly swear their allegiance to one another for eternity. But I’m always so happy when it’s not a dull affair. For example: Hendrik made his famous horse-face about 5 seconds in, friends and family broke into song halfway through and Fleur serenaded Hendrik as a surprise gift. You couldn’t find a dry eye in the room, let me tell you.

Ceremony was followed by dinner, and an epic party (which is usually my que to leave). Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party…I just like to do in in my pajama’s. On the couch. With chicken nugget crumbs in my bra.

Thanks Hendrik and Fleur for a beautiful day, being yourselves and your absolute trust in me. You are amazing!

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