From May 2020 I will start doing photoshoots at a REDUCED RATE. It's been an uncertain few months and I've taken to filling the empty, photoshoot-less void in my life with binge-watching Community and not baking bread.

There are some rules to follow for photoshoots, which are:

- If you are exhibiting any cold or flu symptoms the shoot will be moved to a different date. 

- The photoshoot must take place in a wide open space, or somewhere where I won't accidentally back up into someone. 

- The time of the shoot should also be either early in the morning, or later in the evenings, to avoid the most amount of people.

- During the photoshoot, we will keep 1,5m distance at all times.

- I will wear a face mask during the photoshoot.

I will make sure to follow the guidelines of the Dutch Health Institute and the World Health Organization. Please note that the advice from these institutions may differ, but every precaution and risk will be considered. If there are any changes, I will let you know on this page, or via my Instagram.



During the photoshoot I'll help you with very natural and basic poses, telling you where and how to stand, and what to do with your hands. I have a big bag of tricks to make you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, so you'll never feel in the dark about what to do next. 


The final gallery includes only the best photos from your day. I painstakingly comb through the photos for 3-4 hours and scrutinize every one of them on their excellence...all this, so you won't have to :)


It is very gorgeous, and if you don't believe me, just see for yourself HERE. Once I'm done editing all your photos, you will get a fancy email with a link to your gallery. I try to run my business on as little paper as possible, so basically you will be saving a tree. 


All travel costs are included in the price, as well as 21% VAT. I've done photoshoots all over Amsterdam and know all the best spots. There's also nothing I love more than a long bike ride with a good podcast, or singing out loud :)


I believe in keeping it simple and giving you exactly what you need: A fun and non-awkward exprience, with warm, squishy and gorgeous photos as a result :) The entire selection of edited photos presented in a gorgeous online gallery.

€ 275

Normal rate: € 325. This includes 1,5 hours of photography and 40 digital images in an online gallery


What if it rains / we get sick / we can't make the shoot?

We reschedule, simple as that :) If you're in town for a limited amount of time, we'll be in close contact to make the shoot work within your timeframe

Do you shoot Same-Sex couples and families?

Yes! Yes! A million times yes! I strongly believe in equal rights for everyone! 

How long will it take before I recieve my photos?

I select, edit and deliver your photos all within 2-4 weeks. A few days after your shoot you will get a sneak peek with all the best moments :)

Do you do other types of photography besides lifestyle? 

Heck yes! I love photographing non-traditional weddings but I also enjoy shooting custom portraits and speaker events.