Amsterdam proposal photoshoot – Emily and Tanith

Amsterdam proposal photoshoot

So, I would like to tell you about one of the most memorable moments of my photography career.

A moment that actually made me, an introvert who does not like to raise her voice above a faint whisper, shout “YEEEEEEEEEEES!!” very, very loudly on the canals of Amsterdam. ⁣

The 2 gorgeous ladies in these photos are Emily and Tanith. In 2018, Emily emailed me saying that she would like to book an Amsterdam proposal photoshoot. Obviously this was the best decision ever since I got to be a part of this memorable day.
“Of course!”, I said. Let’s make a plan. ⁣

And friends, we had a great plan. Right down to the exact pocket the ring would be in (Emily’s scarf, obviously). On the day of the shoot, everything was going smoothly. 5 minutes in, I gave Em the que to get ready to propose.

She said her bit.⁣

Got down on one knee.⁣

And she took out the ring…⁣

What happened next literally made me scream and sob all at the same time:

Tanith started crying, as one does when your partner in life and love declares their eternal devotion to you. But her hand slowly went to her jacket pocket. And from this pocket she pulled a tiny box that looked very much like a ring box. I paused, had a good hard squint at the box and let out a wail of pure joy that the entire center of Amsterdam could hear.

Unbeknownst to us all, she was going to propose to Emily during the shoot all along! Emily just beat her to it. Obviously everyone cried. Somewhere a flock of white doves was released, canons boomed in victory, love saved the day. ⁣


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