Rotterdam wedding photographer – Emilie and Corné

Rotterdam wedding photographer

I’m not really sure why Amsterdammers and Rotterdammers loathe each other so much. It might have something to do with football, but it might also be the natural rivalry two big cities automatically have towards each other. I guess we all need something to live for.

But friends, this Amsterdammer actually really likes Rotterdam! I’m a foreigner, yes. But Rotterdam actually has a lot going for it:

  1. It has its own international HIT SONG
  2. Many excellent restaurants featuring my favourite food in the entire world rotisserie chicken
  3. A cool bridge
  4. Skyscrapers. I love a good skyscraper.
  5. And last but not least, Emilie and Corné

If you haven’t guessed it yet, Emilie and Corné got married in Rotterdam, at a lovely venue by the lake, called Lommerijk. Emilie is french and Corné is her Dutch beau. Friends, this is a true European love story.

Fast forward to their wedding: their photo wish list for the big day was right up my alley. They wanted candid and spontaneous photos of their guests. Laughing, having a good time and it must be COLOURFUL goshdarnit! And I have to say, their guests made it so easy to capture those candid moments. Everyone was relaxed and easy going – I immediately felt like part of the family. The celebrations were low-key and intimate, but not traditional at all.

A good example of their non-traditional vibe, was Emilie’s amazing GREEN WEDDING DRESS…which suit her so extremely well, I couldn’t even handle it!

So, without further ado, please take a look at Emilie and Corné’s intimate, non-traditional wedding in pretty-much-ok-even-though-it’s-not-Amsterdam, Rotterdam.

Rotterdam wedding photographer | green wedding dress

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