Photographer Amsterdam – The 10 best photo locations in Amsterdam

The 10 best photo locations in Amsterdam

I can’t believe I haven’t done a post like this before! Shame on me. Shame. So without wallowing in my bad online presence too much, here’s the list of the 10 best photo locations in Amsterdam, you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

1) The Jordaan

/ Picturesque, homey, colorful and quintessential Amsterdam /

If you’re looking for that quintessential Amsterdam feel, look no further than the Jordaan neighborhood. It has everything from fairy-tale bridges, wonky gingerbread houses, and locals being angry at you for taking photos of the million euro homes. Basically the whole caboodle if you ask me.

It’s where I do most of my photoshoots and it never gets old.

The 10 best photo locations in Amsterdam Cafe Papeneiland
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2) Prinseneiland

/ quiet, suburban, colorful /

I love to shoot in Prinseneiland! Even though it’s a stones-throw away from The Jordaan and Bustling centre of Amsterdam, you really feel like you’ve entered a different world. It has some gorgeous 1600’s packing houses (with red shutters to boot!). And it’s much quieter than the rest of the city, which is perfect if you have energetic kids 🙂 This little neighborhood is the best of both worlds: Typical Amsterdam, with a homey feel.

3) NDSM Wharf

/ Urban playground, unique, industrial, graffiti /

I love NDSM almost as much as ghosts love making sexy pottery. The NSDM (short for ‘De Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij‘), is an old shipping yard turned into a hip, urban playground. Here you have a mix of urban decay, graffiti and some pretty darn upscale restaurants (for people who own an industrial lamp and like to refer to their style as “retro urban chic”. They wear baggy sweaters when it’s warm).

I love taking photos here because it’s such a contrast to the rest of the European fairy-tale. This is a cool and colorful place, filled with magic and a submarine.

4) Amsterdam Centre

/ Urban, busy, quintessential Amsterdam /

Unlike the Jordaan, where you have the Amsterdammy-ness combined with pockets of quiet and homey-ness, the centre of Amsterdam means business. You will be dodging cars, bikes, people and the occasional pidgeon. You will witness influencers ready to push each other off the aesthetically pleasing bridge for an O.K. photo. It’s madness, and a part of Amsterdam that you will either love or hate.

But, for all its shortcomings, it can be a magical place when you’re alone. I always recommend coming here early in the morning (like this proposal) . It’s the best time to enjoy the oldest part of the city, without the fear of dying.

Amsterdam Damrak
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5) Westergas

/ A park, green, urban, industrial /

If you’re looking for a nice little break from the hustle-bustle, go to Westerpark. It has some amazing green lawns and trees, benches and ducks. Right next to the park, you will find a modern culture hub that used to be an old Coal and Gas Factory. They kept the buildings, but inside them, wonderful things happen. There’s a quaint theatre, excellent burger/brewery place, an amazing wedding venue and even MORE GREENERY on the side.

This is a great area for a photoshoot, but also to get lost in for an afternoon.

6) Rembrandtplein

/ Iconic, quintessential Amsterdam, skyline /

There are so many ways to go in the amazing neighborhood of Amsterdam. You can get some iconic photos of Amsterdam’s most famous square, or head on over to the Halvemaansbrug for those iconic Amsterdam skyline photos. From there, it’s just a short walk to the Nieuwmarkt and the Zeedijk – another interesting and historic part of Amsterdam!

The 10 best photo locations in Amsterdam

7) Spiegelgracht

/ Iconic, small canal, quintessential Amsterdam /

If you don’t go to this area for the coffee alone (Back to Black, I’m talking to you!), then you just have to get lost among the amazing scenery of this neighborhood. It has everything from narrow canals, beautiful front porches (which are decked out with colorful flowers in the spring), and the great view of the The Rijksmuseum’s towers as you’re walking up.

I done a lot of photoshoots here, and just keep coming back. The neighborhood changes throughout the seasons, and there’s always something different or exciting happening here.

8) Museumplein

/ Touristy, iconic, wide open space /

This is definitely a place worth visiting for a photoshoot or a highlight trip of Amsterdam. Make no mistake, on a warm and sunny day, this square is packed with sunbathers and the coolest dogs you’ve ever seen. It has a relaxed vibe, which is probably due to it being one of the few wide open spaces in Amsterdam.

There are also some interesting art pieces toward the Stedelijk museum, which are great for creative photos. I love using these pieces in my photoshoots!

9) Vondelpark

/ A park, trees, greenery, Victorian feel /

A quick math problem: If the temperature is above 20 degrees (Celsius, my dear Americans), the sky is blue, and it’s either March, April, May, June, July, August or September, how many people would be in Vondelpark?

The correct answer would be: millions. Ok not millions, but it will surely feel that way. Vondelpark is the actual hub of all summer days in Amsterdam. You’ll find people barbecuing, sunbathing and just having a great time here – and come winter, it’s a gorgeous tree-filled stroll followed by some hot chocolate in the Blauwe Theehuis

10) Keukenhof

Ok, I fooled you. This is not in Amsterdam! But such an amazing place to take photos! Once a year the biggest Tulip garden opens its doors, and you find yourself in a blooming Utopia of tulips and many other flowers with Latin names, which I can’t spell.

I do many many photoshoots here and there’s always something different to see an do here. If you’re coming to Amsterdam in April or May 2021, be sure to come here!

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