Amsterdam event photography – Music x Freedom

Amsterdam event photography

Catching up on some blogging, I can’t resist talking about this memorable event I had the pleasure of photographing last year.

It was my first time working with Robin founder of A City Made By People in Amsterdam (After this, I photographed their magazine launch in Amsterdam). When he told me what the event was about, I was immediately hooked. A) because I love music and B) it sounded all warm and fuzzy and intimate and I just couldn’t pass it up.

MUSIC x FREEDOM was all about how music can empower people to break free and take chances

The core message of the event was that music gives us the freedom to speak up and share. But it also empowers us in what we want to achieve in life, to create and grasp new and exciting opportunities.

Made By People Lab thus joined forces with Sonos and Miracles of Music, to give musicians a platform in the Sonos Home Amsterdam. Here they had a safe environment to share their stories and inspiration.

3 talented groups of musicians took the stage:

  • Derek DeBono and Louisa Wenderoth. Their duo formed after a magical open mic night that changed both of their lives and music careers.
  • Singin’ Suzi & Guido on guitar are Egg Nut. Always swinging and surprising.
  • An improvisation collaboration by Segun (singer, songwriter, performer). And Mathijs (pianist, Muziekcentrum Eiwerk band leader) on the keys.

It truly was an exceptional experience and something I won’t forget very soon.

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