It was nearing autumn 2017 and I wanted to do something cool. I was itching to do something cool. Basically begging to be taken out of the humdrum.

And obviously I want to do this cool thing with cool people, otherwise the cool factor can not be multiplied to =COOL²

Insert Dane and Tash, whose faces I now see when I think of the term “dream couple”. Oh there they are – just smiling and hovering in front of me. Hey guys.

They’re also not your average Dutch couple. Dane and Tash are from New Zealand and decided to move to Amsterdam about a year ago in search of adventure and whimsy. They got a dog instead.

To be fair, Andy their dog, is just about the coolest spaniel this side of the equator, so it was a totally worthwhile decision – and having spent some time with them I can tell you now that they will probably throw themselves under a bus for that dog. So all-in-all, they have a pretty sweet deal here in Amsterdam.

Getting back to the shoot: I really wanted to get some colorful photos to liven up my portfolio. I love color so much and the more of it, the better! So we went for a little stroll around NDSM wharf (where I have done other shoots as well!) and talked about life.

Thank you Dane and Tash for being willing subject to my colorful madness. And I’m glad the photos made your grandma cry. xxxx

"Nadine! These shots are AMAZING! I had a grin from ear to ear looking through every single one. Then when I got to the end I was so sad it was over. Oh we had a great afternoon hanging out with you. I would do it again any day ❤ "

- Dane & Tash, Amsterdam



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