Travel photographer – Kruger National Park

Travel photographer

I’ve been living in The Netherlands for coming up to 11 years now. It’s stolen my heart in many ways, but I still have intense feelings of homesickness every so often. It’s not so much missing my literal home, but more the routines, the comfort and the smells. I still get a bit teary-eyed when I smell smoke on a sunny winter’s day, and it feels like a punch in the gut when I breathe in the freshly damp earth after the rain.

When I eventually return home, I let all the routines and comforts and smells wrap around me like a warm blanket and nestle in all cozy and warm. My life abroad doesn’t exist here and I’m full-on cocooning. Begone worries, you are none.

Sometimes when I’m in the cocoon, my family and I go on trips. The most recent one was to the Kruger National Park where we stayed in camps, saw many wild beasts and smelled the freshly damp earth after the rain.

It was glorious.

Travel Photographer | Kruger National Park | South Africa

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