I live in a quiet part of Amsterdam with boyfriend and two cats Buffy and Fluffy. I‘ve been photographing happy people for 6 years now and truly believe that each and every person is photogenic. Whether you feel you're not worthy of having great photos, or you feel you're too awkward, fat, skinny or tall to actually look good in them...I would like to show you the contrary! :)I can't wait to meet you face-to-face and take you around this amazing city (or anywhere else for that matter). This will be fun, I promise!So, now that you know me a bit better, I would love to know more about you! You can also fill in some extra details of things you’d like to include in your shoot. Any specific photos? Specific places? List them all here!


MY STYLE: I love natural, spontaneous moments, but also love making something artistic and unique for you to be proud of and hang in your home.

DURING THE SHOOT: I will tell you how to stand and what to do with your hands, so please don’t worry about that. Once you're in position, if needed, I'll give you little assignments to do, or things to talk about with each other. This way you will focus on each other, instead of the pink-haired wierdo in front of you. We will basically just go on a little walk through Amsterdam (or a pre-discussed location), and if I see something cool, we’ll stop and take a photo. Easy as that!

Fair warning, I talk to myself A LOT during the shoot. This is my way of figuring out the light and background for the photos. Feel free to ignore me, laugh at me, or listen intently :)




Spring (March, April, May) 8am or 5pm

Summer (May, June, July, August) 8am or 8pm

Autumn (September, October, November) 9am or 5pm

Winter (November, December, January, February) 10am or 3pm


In my opinion, the hardest thing to organize for your shoot is what to wear. I love my holey house-pants just as must as I love my cats (Ok, maybe I love my cats a bit more, you get the idea). But that just won’t cut it for a fabulous photoshoot! No sir. Lucky for you though, I have made an awesome WHAT TO WEAR GUIDE so that you won’t have to stress about this part of your shoot! Just let me know if you’re interested in the guide, and I’ll send it along. And even better, if you’re still questioning your choices, you can always whatsapp me to go through the options (and I mean, let’s do a fashion show!).

Some basic tips: 1) Try to stay away from black. It draws the eye and can create an imbalance in the photo. 2) Wear something you feel comfortable in. 3) Try throwing in a pop of color, like a red scarf or personal accessories


1) The Jordaan district with it's beautiful canals and typical Amsterdam scenery


2) NDSM werf. A unique urban playground with graffiti, street art and colorful buildings.


3) Rijkmuseum / Spiegelkwartier. Beautiful canals in combimation with Amsterdam's most beautiful museum.


4) Westerpark. A unique combination of red brick buildings and nature. If you're looking for something that's not too Amsterdam.

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