Zandvoort family shoot

Zandvoort family shoot

If you have a keen eye, you might recognize the adults in this photoshoot. If not, the do not fear, for I will tell you! It’s Diana and Jeremy! A gorgeous couple whose wedding I had the pleasure of capturing in 2017.

They live in Switzerland, but n a family visit to the Netherlands, they thought it would be a special opportunity to do a photoshoot on the beach. And not just any beach. This is very close to where they got married!

The boys were also just babies back then, so it was lovely to see them all grown up. Because they were so little at the wedding, they were already asleep when the time came for family photos. So Diana, Jeremy and I made a deal to meet later on and get some lovely family pictures with all 4 of them.

In any case, I hope that this inspires you to book your own Zandvoort family shoot, regardless of how camera-shy, awkward or weird you might feel. I would absolutely love to capture you at your best! I shoot it in a fun and spontaneous way, so that the awkwardness of having a camera in your face goes unnoticed, and all you need to focus on is having fun and being your best self. Especially with portrait shoots it can sometimes be hard to shut out the noise and people moving around us, but don’t worry, I’ll be there to distract you! Remember that you are good enough and worthy also have amazing photos of yourself. The only thing stopping you, is the fear of actually trying it! You’re safe in my hands!

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