I'm a big fan of keeping things simple - you only pay for the coverage you need and the rest you can add on later. Need me to stay longer on the day? No problem! Don't have the budget for an album just yet? Anniversary present!


The final gallery includes only the best photos from your day. I painstakingly comb through the photos for 3-4 hours and scrutinize every one of them on their excellence...all this, so you won't have to :)


It is very gorgeous, and if you don't believe me, just see for yourself HERE. Once I'm done editing all your photos, you will get a fancy email with a link to your gallery. I try to run my business on as little paper as possible, so basically you will be saving a tree. 


All travel costs are included in the price, as well as 21% VAT. I've been to weddings all over the Netherlands and there's nothing I love more than a long train ride with a good podcast, or singing out loud on my bike. You'd be doing me a favor really. 


I work with an hourly rate. Which means that you can book me for as long as you like, and there's no minimum amount of hours. This is perfect for small and intimate weddings of 4-6 hours, or bigger weddings of 8-10 hours. It covers everything you will need covered and you don't have to pay for an entire package you might not be interested in :)  

€ 250 € 175 /hour

If you book your wedding between 25 March and 30 April, you will recieve a reduced hourly rate (normally € 250 per hour). Your wedding must take place between September 2020 and February 2021


How many wedding photos will I recieve?

I usually deliver 40-60 edited photos per hour of photography

Do you shoot Same-Sex weddings?

Yes! Yes! A million times yes! I strongly believe in equal marriage rights. 

How long will it take before I recieve my wedding photos?

I select, edit and deliver your photos all within 6 - 8 weeks. A week after your wedding, you will get a sneak peek with all the best moments :)

Do you do other types of photography besides weddings? 

Heck yes! My main jam has always been lifestyle photography, but I also love shooting custom portraits and speaker events.