Stellenbosch photographer – I met my Nadine twin, and she’s awesome!

Stellenbosch photographer

I don’t meet a lot of Nadines., but when I do, we become best friends and talk about how cool Nadines are.

When I was in South Africa (more specifically Cape Town), I met another talented photographer also called Nadine. Before this, I really hated meeting new people. The awkward inquisition, the moment you realize you have nothing in common, and that gut-wrenching time when you have to say goodbye. Thanks to my limited social skills, it always goes like something like: “Let’s do this again! I had such a great time!” to which I reply “Thank you, you too!”.I’m horrible at casual conversation, especially talking about the weather. It’s fucking hot, raining or cloudy. What else is there to say? Let’s talk about the meaning of life, food and cats or how hard adulthood is, and I will like you forever.

The latter is exactly what happened when I met Nadine! Not only do we have shit tons in common, we also share the same twisted sense of humor, hate being adults and love cats. Nadine is such a free and fun spirit and every time I see her I immediately feel my own mood turning into a unicorn rainbow. Glitter shoots out windows and a punk-rock band starts playing songs of my youth, it’s amazing. Needless to say we made a photo date and screeched around the streets of Stellenbosch in Nadine’s magical rustbucket, in search of that gorgeous African light.

We found it…and it was bonkers.

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