I never thought I could cry so much during a shoot.

The first time I read the email Emily sent to me, I couldn't help but just sit there with a big smile on my face. You see, Emily and Tanith were coming to Amsterdam for a mini break. A break where Emily was planning on proposing to Tanith.

I love capturing porposals - and I was so excited to meet both of these ladies (not only because we all share a love for vibrant hair).

So Emily and I had a call and went over the specifics for the shoot. Where she will propose, what the codeword would be, and how she can hide the ring wihtout Tanith ever suspecting a thing. Our perfect plan, however, was blown to smithereens when, right

on cue, Emily went down on one knee...AND TANITH PULLED OUT HER OWN RING. Guys, I'm tearing up just writing this.

I think I let out a scream going something along the lines of "OH MY GOD YES!" and tried my best to capture this amazing moment through the tears and joy. Needless to say both of them said yes, and the rest of the shoot was spent in a fog of glee and intimate bliss.

I don't think I've ever met a couple so in love and so absolutely smitten with each other as Emily and Tanith are. I actually didn't want to say goodbye, but all great things have to come to an end (and I had to go cry around the corner again because OH MY GOD I just couldn't handle all the emotions.)

"Nadine, OH MY GOD - we are absolutely IN LOVE with these! They are absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for being wonderful on our special day, and we hope very much to see you again soon too! I just can't get over how lovely these all are - you're a wizard! "

- Emily and Tanith, London

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