The photoshoot experience with your host: LIZ LEMON

Hello, it’s me, Liz Lemon. I’m usually a head writer at 30Rock for the Girlie show. But today I’ll be giving you some tips on how to prepare for your photoshoot, how act natural in front of the camera, and how to celebrate afterwards with some night cheese.

Advance preparation for your shoot

The freak-out the night before

When you pull yourself together the day of the photoshoot and you’re feeling good

When we’re about to start and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be

At first, things might feel a little weird

…and the instructions a bit unorthodox

But pretty soon you will get the hang of it and before no-time you’ll be like

And I’ll be like

When the photoshoot is done everyone will be happy and high on endorphins and we’ll all be like

and you can celebrate with some night cheese

You do whatever you need to do while you’re waiting for the photos

And I totally know that when you get the photos your first reaction will be



And you’re going to be a star

So there you have it

Please consult this guide whenever you feel nervous about your photoshoot. I, the real Liz Lemon, have faith that you will do great and not be bad at all. Now go forth and prosper or do what you need to do...I'll just go talk to some food now.

The photoshoot experience, with your host: Liz Lemon
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