Fun Photoshoot in Amsterdam – 20+ photos that will leave you with a big smile

Fun photoshoot in Amsterdam

These are tough times guys. We all know it. And as I’m writing this, the government has extended the social isolating measures here in the Netherlands by another 4 weeks.

This means 4 more weeks of staying inside, wandering the house like Quentin Quarantino and annoying my cats to no end. Also writing a lot of blog posts and generally just doing what I feel like.

Today I felt like making a blog post with all my favorite smiles and fun moments. I absolutely adore warm and fun and smushy photoshoots and if you give me a toothy smile, I will love you even more. I;m also probably one of the few photographers in Amsterdam with a fun and colorful style. So I feel that this is even more relevant to cheering everyone up today!

I’ve collected so many of these fun and happy moments during the past few years, and it’s about time for a roundup! So without any particular order, here are some fun and happy photos that will make you smile like a kid at Disneyworld. 🙂



Fun photoshoot in Amsterdam | Amsterdam family photographer

I hope that this inspires you to book your own photoshoot. Regardless of how camera-shy, awkward or weird you might feel. I shoot it in a fun and spontaneous way, so that the awkwardness of having a camera in your face goes unnoticed. All you need to focus on is having fun and being your best self. Especially with portrait shoots. It can sometimes be hard to shut out the noise and people moving around us. But don’t worry, I’ll be there to distract you! Remember that you are good enough and worthy also have amazing photos of yourself. The only thing stopping you, is the fear of actually trying it! You’re safe in my hands!

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