Fun family photoshoot in The Hague

fun family photoshoot

Every once in a while I meet a family so completely bonkers, wacky and amazing that I just can’t help but fall in love with them. 

*Que flute from ‘My Heart Will Go On’*

Family Kulovits, you were absolutely a dream come true. I can still remember the salty smell of the sea, and the gentle spray of the ocean on my face. Whne I saw all 4 of you feasting on the plate of fries at the restaurant we were supposed to meet at, I knew you were people I can relate to. I too, enjoy fries. 

*Far across the distance / and spaces, between us*

But family Kulovits it didn’t stop there. We started the shoot and your crazy family dynamic had me enraptured. I couldn’t stop clicking, and you know what, I didn’t want to. 

Even though I didn’t know which language to speak sometimes, as you are all smart enough to understand Dutch, English and German, I knew I could guide your free spirits with some enthusiastic hand gestures. 

*DRAMATIC CHORUS: ‘You’re here, there’s nothing I fear / And I know that my heart will go on’*

I the end, I will remember this beautiful afternoon in Scheveningen as the best afternoon of 2018. And I thank you for your beautiful energy, and willingness to to absolutely crazy things. Thank you. Thank you. 

*Flute fades. A single tear.*

Fun family photoshoot | The Hague | beach photoshoot

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