Feminist photographer in Amsterdam – The Neighborhood feminists

Feminist photographer in Amsterdam

In 2021 I had the immense pleasure of joining a local organization called The Neighborhood Feminists. They are a small intersectional and anti-racist initiative in Amsterdam, which mainly focuses on eliminating period poverty in the city. I volunteered to shoot some portraits of these beautiful humans to kickstart a campaign they were working on in 2021. We met at their bright office in Amsterdam Zuidoost, and used the natural light around the building to take these photos.

Most recently, I helped them install Menstruation stations in the city.

Menstruation Stations are cabinets that are placed by us in easy-to-reach locations. They are stocked and kept replenished with free period products for anyone in need, no questions asked.

Why Menstruation Stations?

Period poverty is all too real in neighborhoods across Amsterdam (and the Netherlands, for that matter). As proud as we are to live here, we also know that 1 in 5 people in this city live below the poverty line, and that 27% of Amsterdammers who menstruate struggle to afford period products. We find that unacceptable anywhere, but certainly in such an otherwise wealthy city. Through these Menstruation Stations, we broaden our fight to end period poverty by making products available in public locations that are accessible to a wider population. 

How does it work?

Menstruation Stations are stocked with pads and tampons of assorted sizes. The idea is simple: anyone who needs products can go to a Menstruation Station and grab what they need to take home with them. We urge people to take whatever full package they need, knowing that they can use it at home and come back for more whenever it is finished. 

What’s the average cost for a Menstruation Station?

By placing bulk orders, we are able to benefit from discounts and savings. As a result, we’ve been able to keep the prices of Menstruation Stations to a minimum. For just €40 a month, a Menstruation Station can be kept fully stocked. Of course, this cost will vary across Stations as some are placed in areas with heavier foot traffic, meaning they will need to be restocked more frequently. A full Menstruation Station contains enough products for 10 people’s full monthly menstrual cycles, while serving many more as most people take just 1 packaged product at a time.

I’m so incredibly proud to be a volunteer with The Neighborhood Feminists. As a feminist photographer in Amsterdam, I think it’s very important to support amazing local organizations like TNF and help end period poverty in Amsterdam.

How can you help end period poverty in Amsterdam?

  1. Support The Neighborhood Feminists with a financial donation, so they can buy the items needed! Find out more here.
    PS: By booking a photoshoot with me, you automatically support their cause!
  2. Persuade your employer to support them! If you can persuade your company to get behind community support with direct impact, it’s just €500 to maintain one Menstruation Station for a full year. Any unspent funds (due to getting better deals in bulk, for example) will go toward expanding the Menstruation Stations and Dignity Kits projects.
Amsterdam photographer portrait feminist LGBTQ friendly
Amsterdam photographer portrait feminist LGBTQ friendly
Amsterdam photographer portrait feminist LGBTQ friendly
Amsterdam photographer portrait feminist LGBTQ friendly

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