Event photography Amsterdam – 5×15 stories

Event photography Amsterdam

I was so excited when Heloise from Hooton approached asked me to document the first ever 5×15 stories in Amsterdam. Heloise saw my photos from the Hearsay events, and knew right away that I was the woman for the job! 5×15 launched on the 28th March 2019 at De School with an inaugural theme: The Future.

It’s hard to imagine what the future will look like for education, fashion or activism. There are so many factors to consider when we think about the sustainability of our clothes or the methods we use to include marginalized members of our society. I absolutely love events like this where speakers are experts in their fields and, above all, talk passionately about how they are working on a better world for us all.

Featuring talks from Ronald van der Kemp, Zing Tsjeng, Kim Van Sparrentak, Alex Beard, and Michael Salu. Our enigmatic host for the evening was journalist Mark Smith (Fantastic Man, The Guardian, The Times).

Alex Beard

“After starting out as an English teacher in London, Alex completed his MA at the Institute of Education. After that he joined Teach For All, a growing global network of organizations working to ensure that all children fulfil their potential. He spends his time travelling the world in search of the practices that will shape the future of learning.” Read more about Alex here.

Kim van Sparrentak

“Kim is a climate and environmental activist. As a first-generation university student she studied political science and environmental management.” Furthermore, Kim is also the Euro-parliamentary representative for Groenlinks Read more about Kim here.

Michael Salu

“Michael Salu is a writer, artist and critic. His writing, art and talks have centered on where the evolving semantics of technology, language and identity meet.” Read more about Michael here.

Zing Tsjeng

“Zing Tsjeng is a journalist and author from London. She is the UK editor of Broadly, VICE’s website for women. In addition, Octopus published her four-book series Forgotten Women in 2018. Each book in the series explores the untold stories of inspiring women who have been marginalized from history.” Read more about Zing here.

Ronald van der Kemp

‘”Ronald van der Kemp is a Dutch fashion designer and founder of demi-couture fashion house RVDK. He is the world’s first sustainable couture designer.” Read more about Ronald here.

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