Dune engagment photoshoot – Anggi and Randy at sunrise

Dune Engagement photoshoot

It was a bitterly cold morning, right before sunrise, when I pulled up to the dune park in Egmond. Anggi and Randy arrived a few minutes later, all bundled up and ready to go.

Even though I don’t come here often, I absolutely love shooting in the dunes. The soft textures and colors of the sand and grass offer a different palette than the stark browns and blacks of the city. Combine that with some elevation and an epic sunrise, and you have the absolute dream!

I photographed Anggi once before in Amsterdam’s Westerpark, which is also a favorite location. We hit it off right away, and Anggi decided there and then that I should do her engagement photos when the day comes.

I had so much respect for these two, since it was so extremely cold on this morning. I really don’t know how they did it! But when you look at the photos you simply can’t tell! Anggi and Randy, RESPECT!

I hope that this inspires you to book your own photoshoot, regardless of how camera-shy, awkward or weird you might feel. I shoot it in a fun and spontaneous way, so that the awkwardness of having a camera in your face goes unnoticed. All you need to focus on is having fun and being your best self. Especially with portrait shoots it can sometimes be hard to shut out the noise and people moving around us, but don’t worry, I’ll be there to distract you! Remember that you are good enough and worthy also have amazing photos of yourself. The only thing stopping you, is the fear of actually trying it! You’re safe in my hands!

Dune engagement photoshoot | Amsterdam photographer | Egmond fotograaf

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