Signal Hill Photoshoot -Ashton & Darren on Signal Hill

Signal Hill photoshoot

I spent the whole month of November (2016) in Cape Town. And yes, I can literally hear your gush of extreme jealousy through my computer screen (sorry, not sorry). Cape Town is probably one of the most eclectic, cosmopolitan and damn-well friendliest cities in South Africa and I still can’t believe I spent 30 days traversing its grand mountains, beaches and also survived its (inexplicably dangerous) road kamikaze’s…aka drivers. It’s so freaking beautiful there, people just walk with their mouths open the whole time, drooling, pointing and “awe-ing”. To tell you the truth, it’s quite disgusting.

Cape Town is also where I met Darren and his wife Ashton. Apart from making THE COOLEST name mashup ever (Dashton, oh my!), I can’t even begin to describe the kind and gentle nature of these two wonderful people. I felt such a rush of creativity working with them, since they were up for anything I suggested.  Best of all: they even tolerated me when I burst out in song about the beautiful sunset. Thanks guys. They also brought along their snoring, sniffling and grunting French Bulldog, Cooper, for the shoot. If you’re a Frenchie fan by any means, you’ll know that grunting, sniffling and snoring are probably the reasons people take in these amazing doggo’s. Cooper was quite the comedian, and I like to think I have a photo of him laughing at the camera. Legit.

So here are Ashton & Darren (or Ashren…my word it just gets better!) and of course chill Cooper on top of Signal Hill. Being magnificent in every way possible.

double exposure Snap Me Pretty Cape Town photographer

Signal Hill photographer photoshoot

female portrait Cape Town photographer

Photoshoot with dog Frnch Bulldog Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa

Signal Hill photoshoot

Table Mountain photoshoot

Blue hour photoshoot Cape Town Signal Hill Snap Me Pretty Nadine van der Wielen

Signal Hill photoshoot

French Bulldog

 Signal Hill photoshoot | Cape Town Photoshoot | Cape Town photographer

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