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bruidsfotograaf Amsterdam

You might remember Jacolien and Ewout from their EPIC shoot at NDSM werf in 2016. I really can’t believe it’s taken me this long to show you their wedding photos. Shame. SHAME! 

You see, on the outside they are super smart and scientific people. They enjoy deep conversations and can dazzle you with facts and knowledge (which made me fall for them like a kid in a candy store). But on the inside. Oh man. Their souls are bursting with creative energy! This is also one of the reasons I loved working with them so much: They were looking for a different kind of photography than the usual romantic, fluffy wedding photos. They wanted to to incorporate shitloads of color, as well as the hustle and bustle of their neighborhood…and a casual cappuccino stop at their favorite coffee place…you know, just for funsies.

The rest of the day was pure and utter joy. Seamlessly blending their religious beliefs and a modern day ceremony into one, the whole thing was traditional and heartfelt (and dammit I was bawling 5 minutes into it). Booze and snacks followed at the Blauwe Theehuis, and a ride on an old-timey tram to the dinner location. I unfortunately had to say goodbye to them at that point – feeling all alone and empty inside…sigh. I miss them.

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