Amsterdam photography – The most photogenic spots in Amsterdam

Amsterdam photography

I can say this, because I have seen many a city in my short lifetime: Amsterdam is the most photogenic city in Europe!

Yes amigos it totally is. And to prove it, I will show you some of my favorite Amsterdam photos to date (coincidentally, I have taken them all myself…gosh golly who knew), and talk a little bit about how this place beats any other European city when it comes to prettiness and overall CHILL.


My 3 favorite houses, stacked perfectly next to each other for everyone to enjoy. This is probably the most Amsterdammy Amsterdam you will ever come across. Soak it up, enjoy, and take shitloads of photos.

Pigeons / birds / tiny dinosaurs

What would Amsterdam be without these feathered beasties? Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. And any photo with a bird in it, to me, makes the photo a 100% better in every way. So thanks mutant pigeons of Amsterdam for securing my photography career.

NDSM wharf

Anyone like artsy graffitti? Yes of course everyone likes artsy graffitti. Especially of Anne Frank and dogs, which is what NDSM wharf is known for! This is probably one of my most favorite places in Amsterdam because it’s quiet, colorful and inspiring.

The best canal – Prinsengracht

Also known as “Anne Frank’s Canal”, mostly by me, it just really encapsulates everything that is Amsterdam: Canal boats, churches, trees, bikes, flowers and obviously the typical Amsterdam houses. I love telling people that I love this canal. I love it! ARGH!

The best side street – Langestraat

Sidestreets are the shit, since they look all forbidden and Secret Garden-esque. I love little side streets and go into each and every one when I’m walking. But this street in particular is my favorite. It’s wide, has multiple side streets of its own and no cars are allowed!

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