From May 2020 I will start doing photoshoots at a REDUCED RATE. It's been an uncertain few months and I've taken to filling the empty, photoshoot-less void in my life with binge-watching Community and not baking bread.

There are some rules to follow for photoshoots, which are:

- If you are exhibiting any cold or flu symptoms the shoot will be moved to a different date. 

- The photoshoot must take place in a wide open space, or somewhere where I won't accidentally back up into someone. 

- The time of the shoot should also be either early in the morning, or later in the evenings, to avoid the most amount of people.

- During the photoshoot, we will keep 1,5m distance at all times.

- I will wear a face mask during the photoshoot.

I will make sure to follow the guidelines of the Dutch Health Institute and the World Health Organization. Please note that the advice from these institutions may differ, but every precaution and risk will be considered. If there are any changes, I will let you know on this page, or via my Instagram.


You can still book a photoshoot! Due to the gloal amount of suffering we've had to endure the past few months, I have decided to lower my rates for the time being. 

Reduced rate
€ 230

Normal rate: € 325. This includes 1,5 hours of photography and 40 digital images in an online gallery


You can still book me for your wedding! I know things might seem a bit uncertain, but your wedding WILL happen and you need a special someone to document it! Due to all the weddings being moved up, I'm preparing for a surge in bookings near the end of the year. Please don't wait to long! 

Reduced hourly rate
€ 175 /hour

Normal rate: € 250 /hour. This includes 30-40 digitally edited photos per hour, all presented in a gorgeous online gallery