Kat, Sophia and Evan are related. You wouldn’t think there could be 3 out of 3 attractive kids in a family. But here they are for us all to enjoy.

Since they’re all spread out over Europe at the moment (like butter on a wholegrain piece of toast – damn you bumps of fibre, you make butter mountains seem so real!), they wanted to get their parents a nice gift for their anniversary – something that’s actually worth saving, instead of the usual socks and signed card. And that’s how we ended up at the Westergasfabriek on a spring evening, with a big

skateboard and a bunch of cool looking kids (me included obvi).

I loved having just the 3 of them there, since they were up for any weird and wacky suggestion I had. Doing sweet tricks with the skateboard? Sure. Jumping in the middle of the field? Fuck yeah. Hugging? Yeah that might take some time.

I absolutely love how these photos turned out and can’t imagine a cooler, more loving and caring sibling trio.

WOW!!! That's pretty much all we can say, the photos turned out soooo well!! I couldn't wait to send them to my parents and they were totally thrilled! My mom wants every single one printed, and she's so right. Every single one is stunning. 

Thank you again for such a fabulous time! We hope to see you again soon :) 

- Kat, Sophia and Evan