Amsterdam Event photographer – Hearsay

Amsterdam event photographer

It was a cold January evening when I arrived at The Wheelhouse 30 minutes too early (as per my anxiety), to go through the game plan with Hearsay founder Simon. Who is also the founder and creative director of Rumour Has It Agency . See, the reason I was so excited to work with Simon again, was purely due to his blind trust and admiration of my photography. The first words that came out of his mouth were: “We trust you, do your thing, make it amazing”. Friends, you have no idea what this does to a creative.

Just to know that the people who you’re working with has that kind of faith in you makes you want to do you utmost best for them. Heck, if Simon asked me to jump into the canal after his speech, I would’ve done it without blinking. How easily us creatives are swayed after a barrage of compliments.

I thoroughly enjoyed my year with Hearsay. Even though I was “working” (aka: taking photos with right hand and snacking with left hand), I absorbed all the beautiful and inspiring stories of the speakers. I was always surprised to hear how similar our creative experiences are, even though we all create different things.

My absolute favorite event was undoubtedly Visibility, when Amber Vineyard moderated and 3 truly inspiring people (Peter, Naomi and Loena) retold their amazing stories.

But for now, I’ll leave you with a selection of my absolute favorite photos throughout the year!

Amsterdam event photographer | The Wheelhouse | Event photographer

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