Alternative Amsterdam wedding – Matty and Phillip

Alternative Amsterdam wedding

October 2017 was drawing to a close, when I got an email from Matty. She had read my blog post about not being too fat for photos and decided to write to me.

I still think about her email sometimes, since she wrote that even though she’s ecstatic to be getting married, she’s worried that her weight would be a problem for the photos. Especially since her partner Phillip, is a handsome (albeit awkward) tall guy.

It was meant to be

I could relate to this so much, since most of my life I’ve also been shy and awkward about my weight. Practicing poses in the mirror trying to see which side is my “less fat side”. And how I can hide or distort whatever is bothering me. 

After our first meeting, Matty and I decided that we were pretty much meant for each other. (as far as wedding photography goes anyways :). A few months later I was standing at their wedding!

So first of all, I need mention that Matty and Phillip organized EVERYTHING. From the food, decorations and cake, right down to the last cup of confetti. Her and Phillip’s vision for their wedding was non-traditional and colorful. Filled with joy and the people they love most – 100% my kind of day! 

A vegan cake and Tortillas!

They’re both Vegan and all the food, including the cake (by NoNo Cakes) and dinner were all dairy and meat free. As a self proclaimed dairy-holic, I actually packed a bit of cheese in my bag, just in case the vegetables might turn on me. But that piece of cheese was pretty much forgotten after lunch – the food was THAT GOOD. 

The ceremony was held on a boat, led by one of my absolute favorite officiants: Lisette de Lange . Afterwards there was cake and coffee, all while we were lazily drifting on the canals of Amsterdam. 

Matty’s dress was in keeping with the non-traditonal theme, and Phillip chose a pink suit, which fit beautifully into the colorful scheme. By the way, if we could get this pink suit trend going in 2020. My faith in mankind would be restored.

Matty and Phillip’s wedding was my absolute favorite of the year. Not just because of it’s quirkiness and color, but because the entire day was filled with pure and unbridled joy. Every single person who was there love Matty and Phillip so much, you could just feel it vibrating like a big love bubble. It was infectious. Like drinking the cool-aid, but doing the opposite of dying – whatever that is. 

Matty and Phillip, you guys are life. xxx 

Dress: Chotronette Cake: Nono Cakes Amsterdam Officiant: Lisette de Lange Vegan Catering: Koffie en de Koeck

Alternative Amsterdam wedding | vegan wedding | colorful Amsterdam wedding

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