Alternative Amsterdam Photographer – Best of 2018

Alternative Amsterdam Photographer – Best of 2018

Ah 2018.

You had your ups and downs. Your highlights and lowlights. Your cheese and your chocolates. Once again I had to re-read what I wrote in 2017, because as I’m sitting here I can’t even accurately tell you what I did yesterday. The mush-brain strikes again…and in full force!

Ok so, let’s get to the juicy stuff. The stuff you’re actually here for. WHAT DID NADINE DO IN 2018? Well friends, I did a lot. Probably not so much photography wise, but life-wise I turned into a real adult. Not an adulty adult… oh no… adulty adulting is still 20 years away. But I turned just enough adult to get a mortgage, renovate a house and not get ID checked when I buy alcohol. RIP EGO.

I experienced the first half of my photography and business “renaissance” in 2017, deciding that the photography mainstream is just too easy a stream to swim down for me. So you’ll be glad to know that I’m still striving to do unique and authentic work, whether it’s weddings, events, portraits or lifestyle shoots. I love the fact that I now have a distinguishing factor in my photography, which people are responding to in a glorious way!

So what’s next?

Well, now that I have established my style (which can only evolve and grow from this point onwards), I would love to have more diverse clients: every race, color, sexual orientation or ability is welcome in front of my lens!

I am also planning to work on the total experience of my business. Because let’s face it…it’s not ONLY the photos you put out in the world, but your words, your actions and the way you make people feel. I WANT to have the best customer service, I WANT to be accommodating to my clients and above all, I WANT everybody working with be to have a FUCKING AMAZING TIME. That’s all.

So, starting with a brand new website and branding (which is turning into an annual thing it seems), I would like to take you back to a year full of COOL STUFF.

Creative photography: And here are some of my favorite images of 2018!

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