Working with Robin and A City Made By People has been some of the highligts of 2018. Not only does ACMBP have amazing initiatives and work hard to create great events for urbanites around the world, their parties are also hella cool. 

I got to capture one of these amazing parties at the launch of the 3rd issue of their magazine! Yep, A real life, printed on paper, you can actually smell the ink (or am I just weird like that?) magazine! 

Hosted in an open, industrial space right in the centre of Amsterdam, Robin and his team worked hard to create an amazing atmosphere and set the scene of this amazing publication. 

The magazine features beautiful photography from Kevin Rijnders (cover), as well as an amazing series by Richard Rigby about ballroom culture in Amsterdam. Incuding the out-of-this-world gorgeous Amber Vineyard, who also moderated the We Are Hearsay Visibility event. 

Among some of the work displayed at the event was that of illustrator Emmy-Koos Meijer, which added some stunning colors to and already colorful journal. 

If you'd like to know more about the ACMBP magazine, just head on over to their website...and while you're at it, grab yourself a copy!

"It's been amazing to be working with Nadine, because she's spot on when it comes to capturing the energy of the event. What you see is what you get!"

- Robin Cox, A City Made By People